• New 2005-11-06 We returned (Ales & Vendy) from our longest mapping trip. We spend six months in Canada. April and May in Alberta, June and July in Yukon, September and October in Ontario. Many stories from our expedition can be found in our Blog. As you probably have noticed all the News have migrated there as well. [Ales]

    New 2005-03-27 If you patiently click on the upper buttons of the O-Sport magazine you should see the Olles banner. The banner shows particular stages of mapping - basemap, field draft, final map and photo. The banner assembled Ludek Krticka. The map sample is from our mapping trip to Southern Michigan, USA. [Ales]

    New 2005-03-12 The Express - community newspaper of Fort Assiniboine (the venue of WMOC 2005) in its October 2004 issue published a small article about us and orienteering. It nicely explains what is this sport about. [Ales]

    New 2005-03-08 Krtek added some photos from Spain on his web. Most of them made Vendy & Ales (name of those photos begin with a digit). [Ales]

    New 2005-03-05 At the end of February we returned from Spain. We made a map for the Spain University Champs 2005, that is organized by the Valencia University o-club. The venue Titaguas is 90 kms NW from Valencia. The terrain is 800-1000 metres above the see. So the temperetures were sometimes even around zero. Plus the strong cold winds. Anyhow we enjoyed it. One day we saw a flock of 27 vultures. First I had thouht it were turkeys with longer necks.
    After arriving to Spain two of our team members (Ales & Vendy) got flu-sick. For five days - only Ludek Krticka (AKA Krtek) and Likas Ruzicka payed visits to the semiopen terrain. It had been my first more-than-two-days-illness in last few years, unluckily during mapping.
    The terrain itself was very open. With control details (old erosion barriers) mostly in the valleys. The bottom of the open pineland consisted of many kinds of thorny bushes. In the course of time we begun to distinguish especially yellowish spiky shrub that painfully stabbed every cloth. One fragrant bush turned to be spice - rosemary. The nicest vegetatin features were almond orchards that were about to blossom. [Ales]

    New Article Bikeri jezdi na nejprogresivnejsich orientacnich mapach was published on the Czech MTBO site. It has started interesting discussion. [Ales]

    New 2005-01-18 Read article about development of MTBO maps - Bikeri jezdi na nejprogresivnejsich orientacnich mapach. As you see it is only in Czech. Its English version was published in the O-Sport 8/2004. [Ales]

  • New 2005-01-13 Warm January enabled us to map five days in Germany - Pechbrunn. I was here for my fourth time, Vendula for her first. This northern corner of Bayern is nicknamed Bayern Siberia. There were still patches of snow in the beech-spruce forest. The chill outside compensated the warmth by Doehler's. Pechbrunn is the venue of Bayern Cup and Westbohemian Ranking in April 2005 [Ales]

  • New 2005-01-07 Comprehensive article about GPS mapping which I wrote for the O-Sport magazine [Ales].