Mapping   Fieldwork in different terrains with any basemap. Collective "speed mapping" for time pressed projects. White sheet mapping.

Drafting   Digitalising of older maps, field notes, logotypes. Smooth shapes, no redundant points. With Ocad.

Cartography   Visual art. Map design. Map mergers. Symbol mergers. Colour mergers

Printing   Offset printing. Spot colour printing. Ocad files supervision (send by email). Shipping all over the world (USA, Germany, Czechia done).

Symbols   Intelligent symbol sets for Ocad. No colour overlaps. Smooth lines and areas. Easier and quicker drawing. Foot-o symbols, mtbo symbols, ski-o symbols, rogaine symbols.

Cartography workshops   How-to-make-a-map clinics. Experienced dynamic lectors. Real outputs, see story no. 32.

Outdoor activities   Team building camps, outdoor challanges, navigation, orienteering, map-your-mind tasks.

Compass - Silva Sighting Compass Model 54
Altimeter - Suunto Electronic Altimeter Escape 203
Micropencils - Pentel Leads
Cad Software - Ocad License no. 2501