Ales Ales Hejna * 1978. Ales earned his master degree in economics ( The University of Economics, Prague ) but decided tu pursue his carrier in cartography. Ales started making maps as a hobby in 1996 in a very specialised field of cartography in orienteering mapping. Since then he has made many maps in many countries, most of them with his wife Vendula Hejnova. Ales is Olles' visionary and driving force. Ales does orienteering almost since his cradle and still thinks it is the best sport. Ales is a member of Czech Map Council and Map Commission IOF. Ales writes Olles blog and finds these blog items interesting.
Vendy Vendula Hejnova. * 1977. Vendy studied the same university as Ales where she fell in love with him. (Julie the first fruit of their love was born in 2006.) Vendy's knowledge from the Faculty of Business Administration where she took her master degree now appplies in Olles' administration. Vendy started mapping in 2001 and is thus one of the rare female mappers. Vendy grew up in Kladno and is a big Kladno patriot. Vendy is a member of the Association of Scouts and Guides of the Czech Republic. She loves flowers.
Support crew
Martin Martin Hejna. * 1984. Martin made his first map in 2001. And since he time to time participates in Olles' projects mainly in Czech. He studies biology at the Westbohemian University. His thesis is about GIS application in biotopes mapping. Martin enjoys scouting. Martin is Ales' brother.
Pepa Josef Hejna. * 1949. Josef (alias Pepa) made his first map in 1972 and occasionaly makes maps since then. He passed his core mapping knowhow on to Ales, his son. He mainly focuses on his electrical engineering firm.